Solicitor, West Country: ‘I was unaware that I had considerably overpaid tax until I engaged Fenlon & Co. to handle my tax affairs.’ 

Motor Repair Workshop, West London: ‘We were in a lot of trouble with the Tax Inspector. We approached Fenlon & Co. and they sorted it out quickly.’


MOT Testing Station, St Albans: ‘My previous accountant did a disappearing act leaving my tax affairs four years behind. Fenlon & Co. brought me up to date. Now I know exactly where I stand.’


Personnel Consultancy, West Midlands: ‘Fenlon & Co. pointed out the benefit of going into partnership. We certainly saved a great deal of tax by following their advice.’


Printers, Milton Keynes: ‘The first accountants we met who could communicate in plain English. We now fully understand our accounts.



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